Assisting the Medical Professional with Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Filing, Denials, and Underpayment.

Because many long term disability insurance companies are profiling and targeting claimants who are medical professionals with large PV (Present Value) policies, for underpayment and claims denials, and because many doctors do not have the information needed to prevent this from happening, we have produced this website to address the problem. If we can provide additional information or assistance please contact us at our Toll-Free Nationwide number:
1(855) 855-8380.

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Bourhis Law Group, Long Term Disability Insurance Attorneys, handle claim disputes, bad faith denial and under-settlement for medical professionals. Although many disability insurers tend to evaluate similar impairments in a similar manner, regardless of the insured’s profession, we believe that is a big mistake when it comes to highly skilled medical practitioners.

Disabilities such as fibromyalgia, back, spine, neck and hand conditions, psychological impairments, sleep apnea, tachycardia and other heart conditions, substance abuse and arthritis have a very different effect on medical professionals than they would on other types of claimants. In representing medical professionals we are very aware of exactly what their specific duties are and of the details of how those duties must be performed. We are also aware of the serious consequences that can occur when a surgeon, for example, is pushed by a disability carrier to overextend him or herself with patients. This can occur due to the denial or underpayment of a valid claim or through protracted delay in processing it.

Bourhis Law Group, which has been profiled on Sixty Minutes, Dateline, the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and dozens of other venues nationwide, is the leading long term disability (LTD) law firm in the Country. We are proud of the landmark rulings and record verdicts and settlements obtained on behalf of our clients.

When it comes to representing medical professionals in the Long Term Disability (LTD) field, we know what we are talking about.

For more on these and other important issues affecting doctors with long term disabilities please refer to our FAQs and informative articles, or contact us to discuss your ltd insurance claim filing or claim denial concerns.

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