Long term disability claim denials are often based on disputes over the controlling language of the policy. In situations where the policy has been amended, the need to request advice from an experienced long term disability insurance attorney becomes especially important. Watch our video to learn more.

“In situations involving an insurance policy that has language that is supposed to be permanent, they (the insurers) can’t even change that if the conditions change. They can’t even change that before the disability occurs, before the impairment occurs. And the reason they can’t is because the policy is good for your life, and they can’t reduce the coverage.

Now, if there’s a provision in the policy that allows them to do that under the contract, because you are opting for more insurance coverage, because you want to have an increase in your policy benefits then they can impose different conditions for that increase in the policy benefits. But more times than not they won’t be able to make it more difficult for you to obtain your total disability benefits under the policy. ” ~ Ray Bourhis


Long term disability insurance attorney Ray Bourhis discusses which language controls the policy and when new language has been introduced to the original disability insurance policy.