Orthopedic Surgeon Disabled After Accident, Benefits Terminated

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Orthopedic Surgeon for over 24 years, became disabled due to a bicycle accident that fractured claimant’s left clavicle, on left posterior scapula 2° to altered left posterior scapula. After about a month claimant returned to work part-time and was able to work in pain when working with his arm in an abducted,  flexed position. About a year later, claimant was diagnosed with having an obvious non-union of the left clavicle.  In addition stress from compensating pain had caused him to develop severe low back and thorasic pain. Claimant developed severe depression from the ongoing persistence of pain and was no longer able to practice. Claimant’s benefits were terminated and he was forced to liquidate assets due to the non payment of his benefits.

The PV of the policy benefits was $1.5 million.